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Onwards and upwards with our loft conversion service

In recent decades, the loft conversion has become a familiar sight in towns and cities across the UK. Many home owners have taken the opportunity to add extra living space to their house without altering its footprint.

During our years in business, P Hodson Roofing & Building Ltd has created and delivered a broad variety of loft conversions for a host of satisfied clients.

We work with customers at every step of their project and deliver a complete package of services.

From the concept and design stage to planning and high-quality construction, we have all the answers to their questions and produce an extension that is both efficient and consistent with the rest of the house.

What will you use your conversion for?

Our customers have put the extra space they have developed at the top of their houses to a broad variety of uses.

Loft conversions built by P Hodson Roofing & Building Ltd have become playrooms, living rooms, spare bedrooms and master bedrooms with their own en-suite bathrooms.

That flexibility of use is mirrored by the various different styles of loft conversion we have created for customers.

Some want a full dormer, usually at the back of a house, where the whole rear wall projects vertically from a sloping roof.

Others opt for a pitched roof dormer, possibly because of planning restrictions, where only the windows project from the sloping roof.

Another possibility is a velux conversion, where the roof windows are built flush with the pitched roof.

The good news for our clients is that our comprehensive building expertise means we are adept at delivering any of these styles of loft conversion.

We work with trusted experts, including architects and electricians, to ensure a stress-free customer experience. We can even build bespoke wardrobes for you if you’re building a bedroom up there.

Different styles of loft conversions

The type of loft conversion you choose will depend on two things; your vision, and the original design of your house. We can deliver them all.

Velux Conversions  |  Rear Boxed Dormer  | Mansard Loft  |  Side Loft Conversion  | Side and Rear  |  Hip to Gable  |  Double Dormer

Contact us today to get your project under way

However you want to upgrade your home, whatever your plans are, P Hodson Roofing & Building Ltd can help to bring them to life.

When you want to work with a company who put quality workmanship and great customer service first, we’re here to help.

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Paul has done several jobs for us over the last couple of years, including a full loft conversion. He and his team are great; very friendly, pleasant to deal with and they always kept us well informed.

“The quality of the workmanship is absolutely top notch and you can tell that Paul really cares about doing a great job.

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